Swiss German TV Shows

On this page you will find a list of Swiss German tv shows which you can use as Swiss German learning aid. Learning through watching tv shows is a great way of learning a foreign language. Let me know if any Swiss German tv shows are missing from the list on this site.

Fascht e Familie

Swiss German Tv Show Fascht E Familie
Fascht e Familie (English Title: Almost a Family) is a Swiss German language sitcom (television comedy serial). It was filmed and produced between 1994 and 1999 in the canton of Thurgau in Switzerland. 99 episodes divided into 5 seasons were produced. This Swiss sitcom is still quite popular and occasionally re-broadcast in the Swiss German Television.

The show starts when the real estate agent Rolf Aebersold is trying to sell his aunt Martha’s house. He makes a mistake and instead of putting the ad in „For Sale“ column, he puts it in the „Rooms of rent“ section. Soon candidates start to show up. Martha, who has originally unaware of Rolf’s idea, agrees to rent out few rooms. The house is quickly filled with people, whose various problems are addressed by this „almost family“. The initials tenants are:

Martha Aebersold - a good-hearted old lady and is the owner of the house.
Hans Meier - a good-natured waiter, waiting for his artistic breakthrough.
Flip - young man trying to make a living from selling custom T-shirts.
Vreni Hubacher - young girl working in a bank.
Rolf Aebersold - Martha’s nephew and a greedy real estate trader.

Fascht e Familie is a great Swiss German TV show, Get it here

Total Birgit

Swiss German Tv Show Total Birgit
Total Birgit was a Swiss German comedy show aired by Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen. Between 1998 and 2015 usually one or two episodes were released per year. Interesting fact about the show is that Birgit Steinegger played almost all parts herself. Each episode shows another adventure of Elvira Iseli, a housewife of advanced age. Get it here