Swiss German Movies

On this page you will find a long list of Swiss German movies which you can use as Swiss German learning aid. Learning through watching the movies is probably the most pleasant way of learning a foreign language. Along with some of the movies you will find trailers, downloads locations or watch online links. Let me know if any Swiss German films are missing from the list on this site.

Die Herbstzeitlosen (2006)

Swiss German Movie Die Herbstzeitlosen
Die Herbszeitlosen ( English title: Late Bloomers ) is a Swiss movie from 2006 directed by Bettina Oberli. The movie tells the story of Martha. She is a store owner from a small Swiss village called Trub. The eighty years old Martha is depressed after her husband passed away. She struggles to find motivation for living. She visits Bern with her friend and decides to fulfill her long forgotten dream of owning a Lingerie boutique. With help of her friends, Lisi, Frieda und Hann, she opens one in her village. This decision meets with heavy resistance, especially from her son, who is the vicar of the village. "Late Bloomers" is an amazing comedy and one of the best movies in Swiss German. I highly recommend it. Get it here

Der Grosse Sommer (2016)

Swiss German Movie Der Grosse Sommer
Der Grosse Sommer ( English title: Big&Little ) is a Swiss German film from 2016 directed by Stefan Jäger. Anton Sommer is a retired Schwinger (popular Swiss sport). He lives anonymously in a suburb of Bern. Once a popular Swiss wrestler, Sommer now wants to be left alone. He spends all of his free time building bottle ships. Hiro, a young boy, living with his grandma above Anton’s flat, doesn’t want to respect Anton’s privacy. After Hiro’s grandmother dies, he tries to convince Anton to accompany him on the trip to Japan. He wants to go there to get accepted into a school for Sumo wrestlers. Hiro finally convinces Anton by threatening him with his lease termination. As a result, Sommer leaves Switzerland for the first time in his lifetime… This is how this cool Swiss German comedy starts and it’s definitely worth watching. Get it here

Die Schweizermacher (1978)

Swiss German Movie Die Schweizermacher
Die Schweizermacher ( English title: Swissmakers ) is a Swiss German comedy from 1978 directed by Rolf Lyssy. It deals with the issues foreigners have to face when applying to become Swiss citizens. Max Bodmer and his assistant Moritz Fischer are immigration officers. Their task is checking if immigrants are ready for the integration with the Swiss society. In line are German physicians couple, a beautiful Eastern European dancer and the Italian immigrant with his family. The movie is full of hilarious situations and features a lot of "clichées" about Swiss, Italians, Germans and other nations portrayed. Die Schweizermacher remains one of the most successful Swiss movies and will definitely make you laugh. Get it here

Höhenfeuer (1985)

Swiss German Movie Höhenfeuer
Höhenfeuer ( English title: Alpine Fire ) is a Swiss German movie from 1985 directed by Fredi M. Murer. Film tells a story about mountain farmers family lives on a secluded farm in the central Switzerland. Belli, the daughter, wants to become a teacher, but is forced to teach her deaf brother Franzi. Soon Franzi gets banished by his father the the outskirts of the farm because of his mistake during work. Belli visits him to teach and after a while they start to sleep with each other. This quickly leads to Belli getting pregnant… It’s a good movie, full of beautiful shots of Alps and nature. Get it here

Broken Silence (1995)

Swiss German Movie Broken Silence
Broken Silence is a Swiss German movie from 1995 directed by Wolfgang Panzer. Fried Adelphi is a Carthusian monk. He has spent 25 years in a Swiss monastery under a vow of silence and meditation. The 100-year lease of the monastery is getting close to the expiration date. Fried is ordered by his prior to find the owner of the monastery to extend the lease. Released from his vows, he begins his journey to find the owner. Turns out she now lives somewhere in the mountains of Indonesia. We learn the story in flashbacks, as Fried tells the story to a confessor in a church in New York. Spoken English in this film comes in different variants. You will hear German-Swiss English, New York English, Indian and Indonesian English. Get it here

Flammen im Paradies (1997)

Swiss German Movie Flammen In Paradies
Flammen in Paradise ( English title: Fire in Paradise ) is a Swiss German movie. It was directed in 1997 by Markus Imhoof. It tells a story about a daughter of a rich plant owner. While on her honeymoon, the woman realizes that she's not happy with her marriage. She meets a poor woman traveling to India, to meet her future husband, a missionary. The women decide to swap their roles. Flammen im Paradies (Fire in Paradise) is a worth watching psychological study. Get it here

Mais im Bundeshuus (2003)

Swiss German Movie Mais im Bundeshuus
Mais im Bundeshuus ( English title: Corn in Parliament ) is a Swiss German film from 2003 directed by Jean-Stéphane Bron. This documentary movie shows the adventures of a parliamentary committee working on a a bill on genetic engineering. It offer great insight in democracy model practiced in Switzerland and shows how laws are created. The movie doesn’t take sides and just shows the process. Worth watching! Get it here

Cannabis - Probieren geht über regieren (2006)

Swiss German Movie Cannabis - Probieren geht über regieren
Cannabis - Probieren geht über regieren. ( English title: Cannabis ) is a Swiss German film from 2006 directed by Niklaus Hilber. It tells a story of the right-wing minister, who is against all drugs and wants to ban them completely. One day he gets diagnosed with a medical condition which can lead to blindness. One of the advised remedies is to consume Cannabis. Get this Swiss german movie here

Chicken Mexicaine (2007)

Chicken Mexicaine
Chicken Mexicaine is a Swiss German movie from 2007 directed by Armin Biehler. After Roby Schmucker is sent to prison for the fourth time he meets Mohammed Hiab and becomes friends with him. He then makes the discovery in the basement of the prison which starts their plotting for freedom. Get Chicken Mexicaine here

Recycling Lily (2013)

Recycling Lily
Recycling Lily is a Swiss German movie from 2013 directed by Pierre Bonnard. Hansjörg Stähli is a Recycling inspector in a small Swiss town. One day he falls in love with Lily Frei, local waitress who happens to be a secret hoarder. This starts an amusing chain of events. Get this Swiss German film here

Lovely Louise (2013)

Lovely Louise
Lovely Louise is a Swiss German movie from 2003 directed by Bettina Oberli. André is a 55 years old taxi driver living with his mother Louise, who used to be an actress. They lead an uneventful life until the day when Bill turns up on their doorstep. Get this Swiss German movie here

Der Sandmann (2011)

Der Sandmann
Der Sandmann (The Sandman) is a Swiss German movie from 2011 directed by Peter Luisi. Benno leads a very ordinary life until one day he wakes up in the bed full of sand. He realizes that he is the cause and that he's leaking sand. He visits various doctors, but nobody is able to help him. After a visit to a psychic he learns that the sand doesn't leak as long as he's honest. Get this comedy here

Achtung, fertig, Charlie! (2003)

Achtung, fertig, Charlie!
Achtung, fertig, Charlie! (English title: Ready, Steady, Charlie!) is a Swiss German movie from 2003 directed by Mike Eschmann. It starts when Antonio is dragged by police from the altar at his wedding after failing to complete his military service. He is put into the army barracks and immediately starts to try to find the way out. His plan is to get discharged for having an intimate relationship with his lieutenant's daughter. Achtung, fertig, Charlie! has been the most successful Swiss movie since 1978's The Swissmakers. Get this Swiss German comedy here