Swiss German Lessons

Formal Greetings in Swiss German

Good MorningGuete Morge
Good AfternoonGuete Namittag
Good EveningGuete n'Aabig
Hello everyoneGrüezi mitenand
How are you?Wie gaats Ine?
I'm fine, thanks!Mir gaats guet, danke!
I don't feel well!Mir gaats nöd so guet!
What about you?Und Ine?

Informal greetings in Swiss German

Hello everyoneHoi zäme
How are you?Wie gat's?
I'm fine, thanks!Guet, danke!
Quite OK!Scho rächt
Not so goodMir gaats nöd so guet
What about you?Und dr?
ByeCiao / Tchüss
See you laterBis spöter
Have a nice day!No än schöne Tag!

Basic questions in Swiss German

How many?Wie vil?
How long?Wie lang?
To where?Wohi?
From where?Vo wo?
How much?Wie vil?
With who?Mit wem?
What for?Warum?

How to introduce yourself in Swiss German

My name is ...Ich heisse ...?
What is your name? (Formal)Wie isch Ire Name?
Wie haissed Sii?
What is your name? (Informal)Wie isch din Name?
Wie haissich?
I come from ...Ich chume us ...
Where are you from? (Formal)Woher chomed Sii?
Where are you from? (Informal)Woher chunsch du?
I live in ...Ich wone in ...
Where do you live? (Formal)Wo woned Sii?
Where do you live? (Informal)Wo wonsch?
I'v lived in Switzerland for ... years already.Ich läbe scho ... Jaar i de Schwiiz.?
How long do you live in Switzerland? (Formal)Wie lang läbed Sii scho i de Schwiiz?
How long do you live in Switzerland? (Informal)Wie land läbsch scho i de Schwiiz?