Swiss German Books

Swiss German is mostly a spoken language. In Switzerland high german is used for writing and for official purposes. Nevertheless, Swiss German is used to some extent in some books and newspapers. Below you will find a list of books written in Swiss German. They are a great help in learning Swiss German.

Best of Zürich by Mike

Swiss German Book Best of Zürich by Mike
"Zürich by Mike" were the comic strips published in the Swiss edition of Strapazin magazine. They were drawn by Mike Van Audenhov. Comics created since 1997 were grouped in 14 books. The best comics from those 14 books were published in "Best o Zürich by Mike". The comics are written in Swiss German and show citizens of Zürich in various every-day situations. They are great source of local humor and perfect help in learning Swiss German. Get Zürich By Mike here

Asterix redt Schwyzerdütsch: Der große Mundart-Sammelband

Asterix redt Schwyzerdütsch
Two Asterix and Obelix adventures translated into Swiss German by Hansruedi Lerch. This edition contains two comics: Der große Graben (Asterix and the Great Divide) and Die Odyssee (Asterix and the Black Gold). Asterix comic books are enterating and funny read. Get this comic book in Swiss German here

Der Chly Prinz

Der Chly Prinz - The Little Prince
"Der Chly Prinz" is a Swiss German version of The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. This is one of the most-translated books in the world and doesn't really need any introduction. Perfect read for people in every age. Get Little Prince in Swiss German here